Packing your lunch vs eating out

Friday, October 5, 2018

Today I didn’t pack my lunch because I didn’t have much of anything to pack at home so I said to myself I would go out and buy me a lunch today. I went to Gourmet to GO which is now know as At580 MarketGourmet. They serve Breakfast, Beverages, Soups, Paninis, Pizza also.

I wanted around the store and looked at their various displays. They used a grilling press to heat up my sandwich and when I got back to my office about 2 minutes away I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and hot and warm my sandwich was including the melty cheese. I ordered a Reuben which had 6 oz of Corned Beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, thousand island on marbled rye. I felt it was a good amount of food for the cost and it came with lots of meat. Lots of pink meat but almost too much that I would have liked to have about half the amount and maybe to have it be a bit more crispy. I technically could have finished it but it had almost too much meat that I felt I would save the second half of the sandwich for a second meal. It came with some spicy Kettle Chips and it helped my sandwich go down. I didn’t order a drink although if I did it would have bumped up the cost of the meal to $7. I had a bottle of water back at the office. I’ve been trying to eat on a budget.

My preparer used gloves but I saw one wasn’t wearing a glove when making a pizza.

That’s one disadvantage of eating out is you don’t know how clean someone’s sanitary habits can be. And also you always know what spices and ingredients go in your food when you prepare it yourself versus someone else.

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