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October 6, 2018

Today we’re reviewing a traditional razor which has a stainless steel construction. This is a quality razor despite costing upwards of $15.

I find the Van de Hagen razor to be an excellent razor. You just have to be extremely careful with the blades because the are meant to be going down perpendicular to the position of the blades. You don’t want to be accidentally slicing yourself because you slide the blades back and forth across your skin. The set is a solid stainless steel construction. It seems to keep relatively clean. It’s good because it means it won’t easily corrode or rust.

Then you have some nice set of ice tempered stainless steel blades that allow you to slide the razor into the blade compartment. You have to twist the bottom of the razor which makes the top of the razor compartment open up like the Back to the Future’s Delorean doors. Then you take the blade and drop it into the slot with the middle of the aligner in between the slot groove of the razor and reverse the direction of the twistable turner at the bottom.

I find that I like using the creme provided to lubricate my facial hair but I also bought some shaving oils. The razor was a bit pricey at around $15 from Walmart. The oils was about $3 to $5 and the blades also was about $5 for the replacements that I bought in case I need them in the future. On first use I could see how sharp it was and actually cut myself the first two times I shaved by accident, not in the same shaving session simply because I was going in the wrong direction or pressing too hard. The lubricating shave oil seems to help me glide over my skin really easily. The advantage of this type of razor is that the blade / razor is symmetrical and you can turn the razor 180 around and shave on the other side also.

Do you have a favorite razor or shave you use to manscape or womanscape?

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