Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tonight I wanted a change of pace after going to the grocery store. You see normally I go to the store and get groceries but it was $5 Sushi Wednesday at Kroger so I went by the sushi display in the middle of the store and looked around and got their California roll.

$5 Sushi Wednesday is nice because it brings sushi to a more manageable price point for people to buy. You could call it the McDonalds of sushi, whereas most sushi is in the $6.95 to $8.95 range normally. This premade plate came on a little yellow tray with a dollop of green spice wasabi, pickled ginger which is sometimes pink but this was a bit of a off yellow, and it had bits of imitation crab, avocado slice, the typical sushi rice, a few slices of cucumber and all wrapped in a small cute cylindrical seaweed package for dinner.

I got twelve little rolls to try. I grabbed me a nice little free bamboo chopstick which is pretty good quality and it was two wooden chopsticks stuck together by a very thin strip of wood that can easily be snapped apart and then I also got two packets of soy sauce. I didn’t need the added salt but I always get it any way just for a bit of sweet salty flavor.

When I got home I arranged it nicely on a plate to show off the sushi in site friendly presentation and then I snapped a few dozen photos before I was able to find one usable photo. The sushi is actually delicious and somewhat filling but I always end up eating something else like fruit or grapes or a drink with it, sometimes tea. Not bad for $5.

(— Later that evening I had to get on a help line to try to talk to customer support to check on my phone and why they didn’t deduct my monthly autopay as I picked at my sushi. They were never able to connect me after spending nearly and hour on it and so I was a bit frustrated but managed to get a resolution eventually within 24 hours that they assured my payment I put in afterwards would go through. So I didn’t quite enjoy my sushi in peace but it was soothing to have something to gnosh on while on hold.  —) // Not really sushi related.

Are you a big fan of sushi or like Japanese food? Ever been to a hibachi or a real restaurant with authentic sushi freshly made? We have! But we would love to learn more from you. Comment your experiences and your favorites below.

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