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Saturday, October 14, 2018

Tai Lopez is a motivational and smart guy. When I was having trouble finding my way I stumbled across a couple of TED talks and this guy’s TED talk stood out to me and his message carried across to me also. So I recommend you check out some of his podcasts and messages he has that can help inspire you to be hungry enough to seek action to empower you to learn and change your life. We all need a little light and knowledge to help us sometimes.

Here is his original TEDx Talk on YouTube:

I also found a great site that has other inspiration folk but it does highlight some of Tai Lopez’s stuff. Tai is a business man and entrepreneur and motivational speaker and worked at GE Capital, ran his own night club, lived with the Amish and is a YouTube celebrity of his own right. He tends to emphasize a few notable mentors such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins for instance and advocates for listening to the right people and a few key people in your life and cutting out the noise. He seems to be a straight talking and level headed guy so I think he is worth highlighting as he was influential in helping to inspire our site. Education and leadership and mentoring other people is a key idea in helping to improve society and that’s what we want, to educate other to live a better more fulfilling life.

Here is the site.


Do you have a favorite motivator, speaker, mentor, leader, inspiration to help and guide you through life? We hope so and always are looking for knowledge and cool people to highlight and learn from. Just like Tai Lopez said that Sam Walton was humble enough to learn from others we want to keep learning ourselves. Comment below on who you think is a great educator and has a message worth learning.

Thanks guys and gals for contributing to our site and keep reading and learning!

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