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Check out these sites for great tips from Jeff Rossen. We came across his site and his Today’s show’s tips.

We love his informative and helpful tips to help get through life and stay healthy and well and live a great life.

Here is his official site and his Facebook:

Jeff Rossen is an American TV journalist who works as an investigative correspondent for NBC news and is married with kids. He has been featured regularly and contributes to NBC Nightly News as well as Today. Sometimes he fills in on assignment for the Weekend version of Today. He has made many interviews and covered many world events. He also hosted a weekly segment called “What’s Bugging You?” according to Wikipedia. Mr. Rossen recently published a book last year which is also available on Amazon call “Rossen to the Rescue: Secrets to Avoiding Scams, Everyday Dangers, and Major Catastrophes. We stumbled across his video on fire prevention and AEDs and found that his straight-forward enthusiastic take on informing, educating and also entertaining while teaching is a great take on what our site’s message is as well: Inform and Educate.

Thank you Mr. Rossen sir!

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