Some Police Academy exercises


Here is something my buddy wrote once:

this is what we did every other night at the police academy. we did 2-3 sets (about fifteen to twenty) of each of the following as a warm up with a twenty second stretching period in between each. First jumping jacks, then crunches, then push ups, then leg extensions, then floor dips. after those sets were done they’d usually have us run, since our heart rate was up… we started out shorter distances like a half a mile, then the next time we went a mile, then a mile and a half then two then eventually three or more miles. We would do very different styles of running through, some days would be interval training, like run walk run jog. or just sprints, you sprinted as fast as you could till the instructor yelled stop. Other times we were told to run a certain course for the remainder of our time, and we’d get over three miles in on a light jog. increase your reps when you get used to doing the sets above. your goal would be to do 40 sit ups in a min, 33 push ups, and run a mile and a half in 11:58.



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