The Plunge 10-24-2018

Today the stock market did a serious nose dive.

Wednesday, October, 24, 2018.

What is going on with the choppy market? It was down 800 points and 500 points last week and this week 600 points. While NPR’s MarketPlace says this is just a normal part of the market it is also quite nerve-wracking and scary because it makes it seem like you’re losing so much money and not going to recover or your retirement gets further and further away. So there’s a lot involving interest rates, overseas foreign policy, tariffs and what’s been going on in the news and politics. It’s a good time to study all the different indicators. Use StockTwits, Twitter, Google Finance and Yahoo Finance to do more research including CNN, Money, and CNBC to stay up to date on the news. Buy and hold used to work but with the market shaking up you have to be judicious in your portfolio occasionally to not go down with the ship.

Here is a snapshot of my 401K.

Look… I lost… $26,800+… Twenty six thousand…. That’s TWENTY-SIX THOUSAND! So remember that money comes and goes.

In the meantime. Palladium metals are doing well. Will it overtake gold or always be in its shadow? Time will tell.

Lately even Amazon, Nvidia, Netflix and Apple got hit extremely hard. Amazon also lost around 100 plus dollars in value around this week at least.


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