Weight gain as you age

Weight gain as you age

Saturday, October 27, 2018

As we get older we start seeing stretch lines, crows feet and bigger bellies. One thing that starts happening is changes in our hormones. Our body’s natural metabolism slows down but not by much as we also tend to start working desk jobs and eat a bit more in ways due to possibly change in income or have children and our body changes. With woman their natural hormones usually balance each other out. They have estrogen and progesterone that counteracts estrogen’s growth properties. Progesterone starts to decline and there tends to be an increase in fat tissue.

Often a way to counteract this is through chance in diet and lifestyle.

Here’s what you can do to minimize the effects of body changes:

Get more sleep
Don’t over indulge and eat too many calories. Eat more fruits and vegetables instead and foods that are naturally high in protein.

Avoid the use of alcohol and consider taking health supplements such as certain things like calcium and magnesium

Be careful of chemicals in your environment such as swimming pool, polishes, paints, shampoos, meets and fruits and vegetables. Any of those can also affect how you feel.

Lot of the things that affect our bodies are inherent in genes and there’s the competing nature versus nuture debate about how much is actually from the environment and how much is actually built into our chromosomes. But keep in mind that certain things that you hear about metabolism actually may not affect you as much as you’ve been told or led to believe.

For example you may have heard that eating hot foods and cayenne pepper may have thermic properties as well as eating certain stimulants such as coffee or lots of protein or green tea they don’t actually change your weight by a lot. This was mentioned in an article by ADAM Medical Encyclopedia on the National Institutes of Health as mentioned in an Independent news article.

What we can do is move more though. As much as we can and that alone is one of the biggest factors in preserving our health and bodies. Something as simple as parking further away from the mall with our cars or taking the steps or going to a dancing class has a huge benefit and strong influence on our weight loss and muscle tone and bone structure. We burn more calories while exercising and also continue for a while after exercise while at rest.

It’s more important than the metabolic effects from eating and also a bit more depending than weight lifting in many cases though there are always

Lot of body builders claim that strength training and weight lifting can really amp up the calories burned but diet is probably the biggest component combined with proper exercise to control your over all weight. Contrary to some of the modern ideas about more meals and smaller meals you really have to be mindful about how your intake and energy expenditure are.

With occasional monitoring and continual daily persistence you can live a long healthy life with minimal weight changes.

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