Sign Language


Sign Language is super useful for an individual. As early as a few months old a baby can learn to sign and communicate with the parent. This reduces frustrations with communication between a child and a parent when they haven’t yet learned to speak yet. This is called baby sign language. Nowadays there is YouTube and the internet and also Skype. You can use a phone to sign to someone and video chat to be able to communicate remotely. You don’t have to be deaf or hard of hearing to learn this beautiful way of speaking.

Here are some books that could help you get started.
Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing, The (1983) Butterworth Rod R. LA LA-B-10
Joy of Signing, The (1980) Riekehof Lottie LA LA-B-11-1
Gallaudet Survival Guide To Signing (1987) Gallaudet University LA LA-B-12
Sign Language (1986) Basic Skills Video LA LA-V-1
Signing Naturally – Level One (1988) (video) Smith Cheri LA LA-LP-21-1-A

How To Read A Person Like A Book (1987-1 cassette) Nierenberg/Calero Gerard/Henry IN/NE IN/NE-A-3

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