Monday, October 29, 2018

In a few weeks it will be time to vote. Tuesday, November 6th will be the time to vote and so it is time to do the civic duty to determine politics and what your stance on important issues will be. Consider voting. Many voting places will open late. If you vote make sure you bring all necessary ID’s and paperwork to the polls.

If you are in a different country and not the U.S. you probably know that the political process may or may not exist for you to do that and you know how even more important how a few numbers can vary the outcome of a political race. A lot of people are energized by the state of events in the world and feel the need to make a difference. You can consider volunteering to help out at the polls and also hand out flyers and also educate people about the issues. Sure there is a lot of daily noise, that’s why it’s even more important to know what your values are and what you would like to see happen for the future. Get out there and make things happen.

Author: savvywealthmedia

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