Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Not everyone equipped for but this but if you do go to college try to make sure you move out of town and possibly out of your city.
If you are too close to home you don’t change and you don’t learn.
The great thing about college for me was it changed a bit of my mindset and attitude about life and got me to grow a bit more. I think some siblings I knew didn’t get that opportunity so they have stunted growth in a sense.
It’s important to have a parent who is patient and walks you though life if you have a mentor of some kind even better.

Bill Gates famously dropped out of college and so did Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Also in an article by Mashed it said that the founding of Five Guys Fries, Jerry Murrell, was a stunt pilot who went to college but didn’t care much for it. And that when his older sons were at the end of high school he made them an offer. “The money he’d saved for their education was theirs, and they could either each go to college” or “pool the money to start a restaurant” as a family.

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So why spend so much on college to get an education if you have enough smarts to start your own business and make money. After all, isn’t that what college is for? To learn enough or enough of a trade to make money. Robert Kiyosaki is famous for talking about how college is overpriced and often teaches the masses to go to school to be a good employee but not think for themselves.

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