Halloween, All Saints, All Souls

[Picture credit: Pumpkin Face, Courtesy of Eren O.]

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pouquoi on ne peut pas boire avec les phantomes?
Parce qu’ils ne peuvent pas tenir leur Boos.

With Halloween around the corner I remember one of things growing up was trying to make do with trying to come up with creative costumes on a budget. I remember we didn’t have much money so I remade a GI Joe costume and added some embellishments from a rubber ball I cut up. We had a school parade and got to have the yucky candy corns, the cupcakes and little Halloween treats.

Now that I’m older I see it all as a marketing ploy and campaign by the sugar industry and dental industry to get you into their revolving door of consume, and then go get fixed and repeat. The biggest offenders are the sticky gooey candies which is all of them basically. This is a time where people eat too much candy, eat way too much pumpkin and dress in silly costumes. I think the costumes can be fun though.

So make sure to drop some toothbrushes in for the little kids. Heck back then I remember getting cans of pop, pennies and maybe even jewelry. These days everything is screened and Xrayed and gone through a fine tooth comb by protective parents to ensure safety, and why wouldn’t you?

So make sure this year to:
-No eat candy that looks like it’s been partially opened.
-Feel free to go to any cops because they often have real good candy.
I know it’s often two hours to trick or treat although we have gone a bit longer sometimes and so try to walk and not run.

-Make sure to have a sturdy bag or have someone else have a way to carry your candy because the bag gets heavy after a few hours of lugging it around.

-Sift out the really good candy from so so candy so you have the best of the best.

– Make sure you brush your teeth with baking soda and floss to get all that sticky gunk out.

– Try not to eat a lot of that before you go to bed

– Beware of temperatures when storing candy and don’t let moisture or heat or sunlight get to them.

– There used to be fear of people hiding bad things in candy but when in doubt throw it out, and in some places they used to X-ray the candy for you from some folklore.

– Feel free to escort or chaperone or accompany your kids on the halloween run

– If you don’t celebrate this particular holiday then you can go watch a movie or listen to some spooky classical music or still make some delicious treats because you don’t have to go out and do a spooky run to have a good time.

– Speaking of spooky run, there is a Run like —- marathon that you can go to if you want to get out and mobile without the added calories from the candy.

Some people also like going to haunted cruises or houses and while this particular posse isn’t quite brave enough to do so, we do encourage people to go out and have fun and be safe.

Halloween came about as a way to celebrate the changing of the seasons and you can make it as spooky or decorative as much as you wish.

Do you have a particular memory or candy, costume, or dessert you like to make for Halloween? Write your boo’s in the comment below… oooo!


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