Nursing Boundaries Class

Nursing Boundaries class

Tuesday October 30, 2018

In college I remember taking a boundaries class. The person teaching the class was a cranky stick in the mud that commented on how people that watch the MTV and music videos about big money and party lifestyles don’t see real life. But I think that that’s a sad way to go because life can be all fun and parties if you have the right mindset, attitude and set of behaviors and set yourself up right. Why I agree that work is essential, no one person or educator is right about everything and while that person wants structure and order and taking care of people, not everyone wants that lifestyle just like not everyone wants kids or to get married and so you shouldn’t force or impose your will upon anyone.

One fascinating thing I learned about in the class is that everyone is like a bucket filling up other’s cups or putting out someone else’s fires and when you get into nursing or do anything else such as being a manager or parent you are always putting out other people’s fires and filling someone else’s bucket. We learned there are some people that are too much of people-pleasers or what I call suck-ups that try to be pleasant for everyone but feel miserable for themselves. It is okay to take time for yourself and it is OK to say NO. For example you might be a mother and be taking care of your kid or spouse or all these things for your job. You only have so many hours in your life and have all these things to manage. Don’t think that everything all rests on your shoulders because if you didn’t do one or two things the world is not going to fall apart. It’s okay to feel not too good occasionally and need rest or to not want to be the one to change the diapers and let your husband do it so he can learn occasionally or to not volunteer for that presentation for your boss.

If you don’t feel healthy or up to the task you won’t be at your best and will only produce mediocre work. So make sure you are motivated in what you do.

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