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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Preamble (rant mode on)

This site is not just for people that are making money. This site is tailored toward regular people like you and me. But we don’t make our site for people that won’t do some work because there’s no free ride in life that you can count on. Belt’s and suspenders! People get accustomed to free stuff and people being nice to them all the time and that’s not how life operates. Not my monkeys, not my circus! So one of the lessons that we teach people is that even when you don’t have a computer and don’t know how to use one that’s no excuse. Would you not drive because you don’t know how? Would you not cook or use a microwave just because you’re not good at it? No, you’d take lessons or go play with the device till you knew how to use it. Lot of people lose that innate curiosity when they are young. They lose that rebel adventurous spirit and have been ingrained into fear and loss and potential of failure that they fail to learn by doing and learn by trial and error. DON’T BE. Don’t be afraid. You’re missing out on a lot. Same thing with dating and woman. Would you not strike up a conversation with someone you had this overwhelming gut feeling you wanted to ask out? Your mind and biology is telling you that you should so what separates us from the great people? The great people think of a way to overcome that mental boundary and come up with a solution to get out of their problems. And that’s what you have to do. You have to think of everything as a puzzle with solution just waiting to be figured out. I saw a lot of clients tell me that they couldn’t do something or wouldn’t get on a computer simply because they didn’t have one or weren’t good with one? So? Go find a way to get one, invest in one, save up for one and go experiment and find out about it.
If you would invest in a new car or had hunting equipment that you had to figure out to get out of a survival situation you would do what you could to save your family, so it’s the same idea.

Part two (ramblings about income):

Now like I said our site is not just for people that are any particular income tiers. You may not have a lot of money but that doesn’t mean you can’t be where you want to. And also you may have some money but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve. People that are thought to be in higher income bracket are often thought of as snobbish or dismissive, but it’s actually that they are very time aware and don’t like to spend time on people that won’t invest in themselves and do the work to do improvement. So it’s protective and also a tough love type of attitude to try to get you to do the hard work and self discovery process that you can’t 100% shortcut and avoid. You have to do the work to be the person you want to become. People that are already there can also help out on our site and help us define what society can be.

Staying at home & earning from home is a good thing:

Now we also welcome the stay-at-home mom and the work-from-home dad. We love these types, the wanna-be teenage entrepreneurs and disillusioned-worker-bee. You have to realize that life has gotten way more complicated since the 80’s and that life is now 24/7 and will keep on moving. You have people working now more than ever around the clock on first, second, third shifts and restaurants open late like Wendy’s and White Castles. So you have to now be able to keep up with the booming economy and changing dollar. People are going to try to keep earning more and keep the money making machine fires burning and going and you have to have a “machine” of your own to keep up. In the future you’re going to have your own self protecting, hovering and circulating machine so to speak to keep you protected from everything. It will be making you money, analyzing the wold around you, protecting you from threats. Basically your own intelligent fighting robotic bubble. But until then our machines are our laptops and servers and AI wifi connected smart devices.

Arts and crafts also as a teaching tool.

For you stay at home moms and dads there’s no shame in being smart and learning arts and crafts. You have to be a parent and entertain, teach and pass down tradition and give your kids the skills to create and innovate and learn from doing. That’s why in this article we have a few great places that you can go to to find supplies.

There are three shops that have different items.

Hobby Lobby is quite big and has a lot of mason jars, paints, knitting and glitter, leather crafting, beads, garden crafts.

JoAnn seem to specialize in fabrics. It has some candies and also some painting, paper craft, boards, tubs and tupperware, seasonal goods and typical needles, crochet, yarns and thread. When you check out also make sure to check your receipt both for accuracy but also classes and discounts on future purchases.

Michaels seems to have more floral items.

Keyword search: Hobby lobby joann michaels

Here are some interesting sites.

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