Friday, November 2, 2018

Make sure you get screened. You can usually detect cancer early if you get screened regularly and it has a high survival rate.

Check to see if you have a family history of cancer.

Know that your risk increases as you age so watch for any changes in your body.

Don’t panic if you have some odd results because they don’t always end up having cancer as the diagnosis.

Get regular exercise and eat a healthy diet to lower your risk of cancers

Certain body types have different densities

They are one of the most common cancers in women in America. Women are encouraged to get screen regularly. And Mammography can be one of the most effective ways to detect cancers before it can be felt or seen.

Treatment options include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.

The third Friday in October is National Mammography Day.

Did you know that men can also get breast cancer? Recent studies show that men should also get screened as well as women for breast cancer. Nowadays men are getting positive results for breast cancer.

Be considerate of people going through breast cancer and don’t stress them out.

You can check the following links for more information on breast cancer awareness: AND

Biopsy is when they take a tissue sample. They will do an X-Ray and find something. Then they take a tissue sample and look under a microscope to find if there are cancer cells. The purpose of the biopsy to to determine if cancer is positive or negative for results. Cancer is also genetic so if you have family members that have had cancer before there is a higher likelihood of cancer.

Do you have a loved one or know someone affected by breast cancer? Get yourself checked out early.

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