Mail Safety

Mail Safety
Tuesday, November 6, 2018

With what has been going on in the political news in the last few months it’s a good time to remember to look out for suspicious packages. The last time we had issues in the mail was in 2001 after the NYC attacks and before that there was a math professor who sent combustible packages to a university in 1978. It has been a while since the last time there were package issues in the mail system so even though we try to avoid scary topics, it is one of those things in life that you have to educate yourself on.

Some packages will have multiple characteristics with the following:

-Odd shaped packages with misspellings
-Lopsided or uneven
-Wrapped in string
-Bulges, soft spots, excessive weight
-Misspelled and badly written labels
-Handwriting that’s distorted or uses cut and paste
-Letters from a foreign country that’s unexpected
-Excessive stamps or postage
-Lack of postage
-Stains, leaks, powders or objects protruding from the package
-Metal wires or aluminum protruding
-Additional markings including “Rush – Do Not Delay” or “Personal” or “Confidential” or “Fragile” and “Handle with care”
-Messages that are threatening on the outside
-Postmark with a different location than the return address
-Packages that make sounds or ticking or have vibration

If you are work in a mail-room or handle mail regularly be on the look out for any odd factors above and open the packages that you are allowed to only in designated official opening areas.

If you do find something that raises suspicion then:

-Avoid handling and moving the package or item or letter
-Stay calm
-Don’t open, shake or have any contents come into contact with any of your eyes, nose, mouth or skin
-Try to wash your hands with soap and water if you do accidentally come in contact with it.
-Make sure to contact necessary personnel and make sure the area is secured or locked down as necessary
– Shut off any fans or equipment in the area and possibly open windows or doors to prevent anything from escaping the area
-Notify others to relocate
-Notify a manager
-Write down who came in contact with the package and who else was in the vicinity at the time it may have been opened

In times like there make sure that there is access control to only allow authorized persons in the area.

We at SWM hope you stay safe and look out for your friends and neighbors.

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