Practice good scent etiquette even at work


Practice good scent etiquette even at work

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fragrance sensitivity can result in serious allergic reactions for those with asthma, compromised immune systems and migraines. Certain odors, even in the smallest amounts, can trigger an allergic attack for those with asthma and scent sensitivities that can send them to the ER. Whether you are on the bus, with friends or most often, the workplace, these individuals may have these sensitivities.

Symptoms can include:

•uncontrollable coughing and/or sneezing
•skin irritation
•shortness of breath
•severe headaches

Beware that even products that are advertised as “fragrance free” may use an additional chemical to mask the scent. This is another way the product may trigger allergic reactions so read the label carefully.

  • It’s important to practice proper scent etiquette in the office but just in general:

•Don’t overapply. Tiny amounts of fragrance, usually one squirt is enough
•Pick unscented products or try ones with light scents
•Don’t use aerosol sprays such as pesticides or disinfectants to work especially if the building circulates the air only within the environment as it can go through the entire building.

If someone near you starts to cough, sneeze, or shows other symptoms, or even complains about the odor, discontinue using that product in the office. It’s good manners and it’s not easy to tell someone that the scent bothers them so just verbalizing it means it bothers them enough to verbalize it.

Remember that your ability to notice the smell of your product’s scent may diminishes or decrease over time due to using it often. It might be quite harmful to those around you. Please be considerate of those with chemical sensitivity to fragrances and their associated allergic reactions.

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