Rule of 3

9:23 AM 11/16/2018

Stories in 3’s.

Sentences in 3’s.

Mini ideas in sentence in 3’s.


140 characters only for headlines – Twitter friendly


Have an intermission after 10 minutes = 10 minute rule to prevent boredom


Keep it simple, free of features & clutter. Declutter. Make something sophisticated that is simple to understand.


No bullet points ever.



Kanso = simplicity … Great beauty & powerful messages through simplicity


Don’t use bullets:

“We’ve been trained since youth to replace paying attention with taking notes. That’s a shame. Your actions should demand attention. (Hint: bullets demand note taking. The minute you put bullets on the screen you are announcing, “Write this down, but don’t really pay attention to it now.”) People don’t take notes when they go to the opera.[9] ”


—Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog


Apple was initially created for appeal to hobbyists said Leander Kahney


Make it clear and easy to use


Words, Pictures, Animation, video

2 minute explanation.

Have a verbal and visual model

Words should be presented verbally if possible

Keep it short and memorable

Don’t be unnecessarily redundant & irrelevant


Signaling means pointing attention to where on the slide you want the eyes to focus on.


Clutter is a failure of design & is laziness to put everything on one slide.


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.


—Albert Einstein


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.


Add a note hereAdd a note here—Albert Einstein


Bullet points only in books, documents, emails but not presentation slides (?)


Make your numbers relevant


Fun with job titles / business cards


Run stuff through UsingEnglish tool to see how dense your paragraphs are.


Share the stage with others and make them shine. The show must go on. Everyone is part of the team, no small players.


It’s like a theater show.


Add guest speakers.


Know what you know but also what you don’t know. Hightlight & spotlight other actors. Show their credibility and knowledge. You are responsible for what you know and what you don’t know and your own flaws and failures. Own up to it.


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