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Dining at Sammy’s

Saturday, November 17, 2018.
It was a pretty good week and I had a great day spending it with friend(s) on Saturday. I hadn’t eaten anything all day and was not familiar with the area and looked up on Yelp and found Sammy’s.

Sammy’s is a craft burger and beers bar type place that is family friendly. It has a bar and TV’s and is quite the hustling bustling little place. They are close to Montgomery and Kenwood and their prices are reasonable and really inexpensive and affordable. They have beers on tap and also at least four televisions, a bar seating area, stools and seating in the middle of the restaurant and booths in the corner. Our hostess noticed us as some gentleman was paying for an order at the front, maybe doing pick up. They had registers by the door. And the doors coming in also had one that led to a small patio area. It was slightly cold out so we of course wanted to be inside. The lighting is nice and everything is a bright orange and polished wood type look. There was ketchup, mustard, salt and sugar packets, a drink menu on the waitress brought us our menus. The menu was extensive but not unbearable and not pretentious or too hard to read. I knew what I wanted before I went in because I was just craving a tomato and lettuce and figured a burger would be good. We were seated quickly and my friend just picked water which reminded me to watch my health and so I didn’t order a soda. One of my other friends had stated that some restaurants just give you tap water but if it was cold I didn’t care that much today. We got straws. The waiter was prompt. And then my friend ordered the beer cheese pretzel bites for their entree. I ordered the Sammy Burger classic and a side of mixed fresh vegetables. I normally like french fries but again was watching my cholesterol.

I excused myself to the restaurant. It was a small one person bathroom with okay lighting. A mirror and stall and toilet. The ceiling was relatively low and although it wasn’t bad made me wonder if it was anything crazy like Bobby Mack’s which I’ve never been nor do I want to. Luckily my imagination was just thinking and there was nothing scary there. They had a pull towel dispenser and then I came back out.
After a little conversation our order came. The pretzel bites looked like Buckeye desserts. My burger had a lot of yellow cheese and the vegetables were nice. I had asked my waiter before I got them what the veggies were and they were broccoli, beans and carrots. It was not bad. It had salt, black pepper (which I might be a bit allergen sensitive) and butter. And the carrots still had a bit of peel on it, to which I tried to cut on one carrot stick but ended up just eating it. The pretzel bites were okay. The demographic had people of all ages, college aged, 40’s, an elderly couple. The restaurant was packed at 7:00pm. We ate and I stuffed myself with the burger and shared the vegetables with my friend, and took half for myself. It was just on a black metal serving pan which has about a cup of vegetables. I bet some of the people come in to people watched and was a bit self conscious at first being in the middle of the restaurant as there were kids and everyone there. They had forks and utensils in napkins and plenty of napkins to blow my nose on. The were also college students that seemed to be coming in in hat and sports parkas. I noticed this as I was eating. We decided not to get desserts. But I was feeling stuffed on the burger alone and trying to finish my vegetables. I had sinus pressure and a headache that day so wasn’t enjoying the relish from my burger much. I had asked for well done but it was on the slight charred and burned side. Some restaurants know how to get a juice tender made-to-perfection order and some don’t. I commented to my friend this fact and that I’ve eaten at Weber Grille before and they were also pretty bad at this as well as Apple Bee’s. Food is made to have flavor and be savored. Not be burnt. My waiter asked if were were doing two checks but I got it and it was about $20. With a $5 tip came to $25. Then we left because there was a huge pile up at the door of about 8 people and it was obvious that the restaurant was hopping. We were amazed. The restaurant was a tight parking and there were people walking around us as we were trying to leave the parking lot but we got out okay and there luckily wasn’t much traffic as we pulled and turned on to the free way.

Over all I think this restaurant would be fun to go to. We could have invited another friend but they weren’t able to go last night.

Price was decent. Food was about average. Nice place to go to chill for a small time and also check out the TV’s.

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