So you want to start a YouTube Channel

So you want to start a YouTube channel?

Monday, November 19, 2018

What do you have to do to get started? These days video and content is still king. You don’t have to be a multimedia studio or a big name to get your presence seen all over the Internet. You could be a kid showing off toys. A web comedian or even a fashion blogger and as long as you have entertaining content you will have viewers and subscribers. Competition is tough though. If you didn’t start years ago creating a following then you’re going to be hard up trying to compete with a lot of these veteran people who have been around for years. So what do you do to differentiate yourself from others?

-Be an expert.
-Be entertaining.
-Be passionate.
-Offer value.
-Offer something interesting, unique and different.

It’s okay to be humorous.

Look good on camera for your viewers.

But also be real.

Instagram is like the fashion elite of the web.
Snap is for quick fun content for millennial.

Now there is video on FB and T.

You only have so much time to capture your audience.

Get started.
Keep learning.

-Listen to your audience.
-Offer engagement, get your viewers engaged.
– Thank your audience for sharing the experience with you.

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