Living the Good Life

living the good life

Living the Good Life

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

We have all heard it. It’s really simple advice out parents and teachers and church leaders give us: “Find your purpose”. Simple isn’t it? Four words for living a great life. But what is your purpose?

To each person that has a different meaning. So something you have to remember is that: Your purpose changes over time. Are you wanting more money, a house, to travel, eat well?

What worked for your mom and dad or sibling made them happy and perhaps they settled with some guy or girl and became truly happy or maybe it was some custom to find a house and have a white picket fence dream. But it is now a new millenium and what made people have joy decades ago doesn’t hold the same meaning.

So think hard. Find something that makes you happy regardless. Do you wanna teach? Pick your own path not a path someone else chose for you. Find something that you were meant to do, and not let money be the thing that fulfills you. You must remind yourself what that is every day so that you are true to yourself. True happiness does not come from outside. It’s based on your dreams and aspirations and goals. Things that bring you happiness and pleasure that you could do for hours and lose track of time.

The choices we make influence our thought and behavior. Consider those around you, the items you have in your possession and things you keep on your desk or room and friends, family. Is there something holding you back or distracting you or being a burden? Does it bring you joy? Should these people things, thoughts be in your life? If these things are making your life heavier and heavier consider decluttering and eliminating them from your life.

Our thoughts are self-reinforcing. Many people in depression will keep replaying a scene over and over in their mind and they are locked in the prison of their mind. It takes a strong will to change and do something different from their current programing. Eliminate negative thoughts.

Consider where you want to work, live at and how your music and books make you feel.

Yes you have a job or career. But never forget that your job is not there to make you feel happy completely. They are there to pay bills and put food on the table. You have to pick something outside of work to feed your soul.

There is a saying that “you don’t choose work, work chooses you.” And lot of people go through life living off of decisions that others make for them.

If you go through life like a zombie and wander around bumping from one thing to another you can find what you like eventually but most likely will find what you dislike quicker.

Instead find something that you really enjoy or can withstand doing it for several hours. As a saying used to go, “You work to live, not live to work”.

Determine what brings you love, fulfillment and success. Figure a path to get you there. use your talents and find people to inspire you. Life is short. Forgive the past and live a mindful today.

You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with and the thoughts that are programmed into your head. Make sure you are feeding your mind with the right things. Have courage to set a new course and stop following the heard.

This is article was inspired from the writings of:

Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Good Life
Richard J. Leider and David A Shapiro


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