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New Boss, Getting started

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

It is the first few weeks of your job and whether you are an employee or in this case the new manager it helps to smooth the transition with a few key tenets which we will list below.

Research what worked before
Build relationships
Get data about procedures and expectations before any direction
Study all facts before changes
Find out group beliefs
Find out & clarify what management managers want
Find out why things worked and what didn’t
Learn to not react to isolated pieces of information
Find out the underlying meaning
Be thoughtful and deliberate
Determine ingrained ideas, beliefs and old-fashioned beliefs
Then set goals
Be Clear, be motivating
Be team building
Separate task, team, and employee
Be balanced
Connect the objectives
Be sure to answer needs and concerns, skepticism
Be positive
Ask plenty of questions
Appreciate hard work and past strengths
Find what actions were used to overcome perceived dilemmas
Reorganize ideas and plans if necessary
Be creative and open to the strengths of others
Consider recommendations of those who’ve dealt with the issues longer
Then try to implement those changes
Build upon solid relationships
Analyze situations completely
Give employees encouragement
Give easy actionable steps
Allow team input
Engage individuals in supporting change
Try to highlight success stories, build the team, appreciate good work
Honor & master symbols & rituals that have worked before?
Understand the vision and project that vision
<awards, presentation format>

Build on strengths not problems
Take time before changing anything
Practice what you preach. Lead by example

Like any first few weeks you don’t want to make enemies, or purposely offend someone and get an EEO complaint so it’s important to do your own research and find out about the culture and company before you jump head in first. Be smart, plan before you start.

If you would like to learn more about being a manager a great book is:

The New Boss: How to Survive the First 100 Days By: Peter Fischer

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