Feminine hygiene product review


Feminine Hygiene Product Review

Friday, November 23, 2018

Feminine hygiene products are used by women during their monthly cycle.
Often these are disposable or reusable. There can be various types such as
sanitary napkins, sanitary towels, tampons for instance. They are used to
keep the area clean and free from bacteria and dampness. In some cases there
may be allergic reactions and irritation due to bacterial issues.
Often these items are absorbent and worn inside the undergarments to absorb
flows. Pads are external while tamp are worn internally which can be various
materials. Some common brands include Always, Stayfree, Kotex.
Materials often contain a mix of cotton and plastics and other materials.
There may be fragrance or antibacterials as well as powder absorbents.

Due to the type of material used it may be hard to find a good biodegradable

Different kinds:
Panty liner – Absorbs daily discharge, spotting
Ultra-thin – very compact and less bulky
Regular / Maxi Super is average absorbency
Maxi is larger for the heaviest flow
Overnight is for overnight use
Maternity is for after childbirth and may absorb other fluid.

Many manufacturers vary the shapes, sizes, dimensions and amount of
absorbency. There may also be wings or tabs on the side of the pad to help it
stay in place. Now there are also pads for people wearing thongs. Deodorant and
fragrances are often also added.

Some places and countries use washable or reusable cloth pads that are
normally made from cotton and hemp. Some have “wings” to hold them in place.
Some may use belts. These pads are more economical. And can be created at
home also. The often don’t have perfumes so it can be good for people with
allergy issues.

Some of the kinds are also possibly waterproof but with the disadvantage of
being not as breathable. A lot of these reusable pads are becoming more
popular because of people wanting to save money and other health and
environmental friendly reasons.

They are should not be flushed.

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