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Saturday, December 1, 2018

We get it. You need money. You need a job. And sometimes hustling and the gig economy is great but every now and then you might need something that’s a bit more steady for a while. No problem. Our site recognizes that sometimes you have to have cash flow while you pursue your dream. Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur but kudos if you have that mindset and the talent to do so. In order to live the good life having some money helps you be able to afford important things as well as basic necessities. As long as you have cash flow coming in a lot of opportunities will always be open for you to explore.

Here are some useful sites as of December 1, 2018:

Indeed – Includes classifieds and job boards. Lets you search for salaries.
Glassdoor – Lets you see job ratings, salaries and reviews as well as jobs
CareerBuilder – Has been around for a while and has many job listings.
Snag – Quick job alerts to your email
Craigslist – For local gigs
LinkUp – Not to be confused with LinkedIn, only get jobs directly from jobs themselves without additional spam. Current listings only.
USAJobs – government jobs
CV-Library – Jobs for people in the UK – Resource that helps you explore career options, get training, and look for a job
Backstage – A great tool for actor postings

RobertHalf – This searches dozens of sites and has full and part time positions.

Zip        Recruiter – Look for jobs locally and nearby.
Google for Jobs – Searches several listings and job search engines at once – Useful for finding tech news and tech jobs
LinkedIn – Professional networking as well as job contact search. Quickly showcase your experience and talent – partners with Direct Employers Association and National Association of State Workforce Agencies.
Monster – was partnered with Yahoo. Now has tools and apps. Extensive listings and has been around for a while. Resumes and profiles can be built here. – weekly job listings. Resume not posted on the site thus allowing you to show it when necessary.
Ladders – search made for people looking for manager and executive positions
SimplyHired – has email alerts
Idealist – Has internships, volunteer and full time jobs.

You can also look directly on company websites or sites that are exclusively catered toward posting jobs aka Job Boards. There are online job listing sites and sometimes you might also see this at the store on their physical cork boards or “lost and found” areas. Some professional organizations also have job listings. There may also be recruiter sites out there.

Consider also Facebook or social media as well as college sites and Yahoo Groups. Some of the Google groups may also have listings.

Find out what you want to do and connect with another human being, perhaps they have a lead. Perhaps you need to construct an elevator speech and make your pitch to someone in the company in a short but sweet and concise conversation.

Sometimes there are networking events through a MeetUp event or industry meetings, member associations, potlucks or EventBrite or social gatherings.

Start the old fashioned way with cold calling or sending out resume letters or notes and give it time for people to get back to you. Also consider internships, volunteering and TeachforAmerica or JobCorps or if you have military experience. If you volunteer or do internships sometimes a company is so impressed that they may want to retain you after your contract period ends.

Then while you are waiting for a callback improve your own skills and how you present yourself and what you show online. Make sure your social presence is polished and someone doing a background check and combing through social media isn’t scared off. Build a positive you. Dress nicely for interviews and have a business card and a few extra resumes or headshots ready for your industry.

Don’t forget to check with old coworkers or friends, family or acquaintances on your Rolodex or phone contacts. Even your old contacts and work history can give you ideas about who to contact. Perhaps someone in the industry can help refer you also or give you a lead.

Some of the top places to find work include New York City, Seattle, Denver, Boston, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

Don’t forget your local newspaper or street magazine for jobs.

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