Holiday Light Up

In our village we live in we get a few times our family gets to get together and celebrate a nice sit down meal and also celebrate a holiday season. We have a town hall meeting where we get to hear about all the village’s politics, governing bodies, community and cultural arts, as well as how our town’s fiscal health is as well as the fire department and other municipality information. It is a nice diversion from the daily grind. But we basically also go there for the food because it is paid for with our tax dollars. We get to first see a color guard salute around the month of November to see the security and enforcement present arms and colors. And then usually there is an hour of a town information presentation with questions and answers afterwards as well as a full buffet style dinner banquet.

Now I actually prefer the December meet up that’s called a Holiday Light up because there’s less talking and you can help yourself immediately to refreshments and desserts and it’s to commemorate and celebrate the holiday season. There is usually coffee, tea or punch and cookies or rice crispy treats. There may be pie or cake or chocolate pretzels and bottled water or milk. And the are usually tons of decorations. You usually have to sign up a week and a half in advance and they take your name at the door to see what family showed. But we pretty much all attended this year except for a sibling. There is holiday tinsel and decoration and usually some form of music and a presentation sheet with music and also crayons for the kids. There are ornamental items. It is held in the gym. There is a presentation scattered throughout with entertainment. One year it was a magic show. Another year was singing or choir. And one year it was just a slide show on TV.

Sometimes you get to sit with people that aren’t in your family and make pleasantries while eating. But that’s what most people come for, to have a good time and eat.

The food is fantastic. Usually there is a romaine salad with cut up figs and your choice of dressing. Then there are various vegetables and bread with butter. There are two choices of meats and a plethora of desserts.

This year we had chicken and steak brisquet, macaroni and cheese, tri-color potatoes, onions and carrots and beans. There was asparagus and then I had some coffee, shaved white chocolate on top of strawberry cheese cake. And some milk.

Then there is was an awards presentation ceremony. The dinner begins at 5:30pm and you are invited one table at a time to go to the buffet line. Dinner lasts and hour. Then there is some carol singing from table to table and then there is a tree light up after with singing again and blue white candles. It was a good time. I walked home to get some after meal exercise and took a shower. I would do it again next year likely. It is a good meal and no allergens as far as I can tell in the meal. It has become our family tradition now to go.

Do you have a family tradition? Tell us below.

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