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Avocados are a large fleshy fruit is dark green to dark purplish and mostly black on the outside as well. It has some relation to a rubber plant. It is somewhat egg-shaped or pear shaped. They have large seeds and often used to make sauces like guacamole. Usually these are eaten without cooking.
Some speculate that people were eating avocados in Peru almost three thousand years ago.
It needs to grow in the right climate to survive. It usually picked green and hard and ripen over time. It has to be mature to ripen and usually does so withing one or two weeks.
Avocado is nutritionally higher in fat than most fruit and helps those that don’t have other fatty food alternatives.
Ripe avocados quickly brown. Usually the fruit can be blended smoothly and mixed with certain drink concoctions. In guacamole it is often paired with chips or tortillas.
Avocados are mostly fat and vitamins B, K, E, C and potassium.

Why avocados are good
Because they are full of vitamins and potassium and also a good source for fats.

How many different variety of avocados
There are several hundred avocado types but only about 7 are grown commercially in some locations.

How it is related to banana and rubber plant and why you may have an allergy
There are similarities to latex plant with the avocado. The avocado leaves are also know to be toxic in quantities so be careful not to eat the leaves.

How to select an avocado
Go to the store and select something that is not too soft but is starting to slightly give and slightly dark in color on the outside.

How to make guacamole
Use salt, tomato, garlic, onion, a bit of lime and possibly some chilis.

How to ripen
Put it in a bag with an apple or banana to speed up the ripening process.

How to make sure not too ripe
Make sure to not let your avocado sit for more than a week and a half. They ripen rather quickly. Also for best use, consume soon after cutting and exposing to air.

Flavors and textures
Slight egg flavor possibly, smooth and cream with the green and yellow portions. If starting to spoil may be leathery and thick and hard and a bit mushroomy. That would mean it’s no good. Ideally it should taste maybe grassy and smooth and water.

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