Whirlygig toys

Have you ever tried to make crafts for you family or kids or tried to make a quick and easy toy to keep a niece or nephew entertained. Today we have a little article about making whirligigs. These are toys that you may have seen in elementary school that entertained us. They are sometimes known as spinners or pinwheels or whilybirds. Often you will use your hand to get it to move but there may be other ways to do so.

Now whirligigs basically just means spinning objects so I guess that could mean yo-yos and tops in a sense.

The kind we are making is called a button whirligig or buzzer because basically you put a piece of string into flat button like object and have it come out the other end and tied in a loop. Then to get it to spin you can start by grabbing both ends of the loop and bring the toy toward you then lift up and out and back in again so the heavy object falls over the string creating a tangle. And you can do that about 10 times or so then you pull on the ends you have lightly which will cause the toy to start to unravel in the other direction. And if you time it right can get it to go faster and faster and create a whirling sound.

These have been around since 400 BC in China according to Wikipedia.

If you need a simple toy give this a try. Check out this link below: https://youtu.be/hIAZWlyO0vM

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