Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a blogger and entrepreneur and also the creator of his site Smart Passive Income. He creates monthly income reports and helps people make money from blogging and podcasting. He also creates educational workshops as well as sells a book called “Will It Fly” to help people get their business idea off the ground.

Pat Flynn is one of the better blogs out there and probably one of the first to create a winning version of a site that is informative, entertaining, educational and helps others. It is inspiring. He features a weekly podcast with tips, tricks and motivational advice as well as web seminars and additional products for purchase. He does this seemingly all by himself.

He started his business soon after a downturn in the economy during 2008 and created his site to help others pass the LEED exam and has created other businesses in the meantime. His income reports are the most popular feature on his site and have helped him make over a million.

Pat Flynn is a busy many but down to earth. His site was what inspired us to start this site with also the realization that you can start your own business outside of your regular 9 to 5. We probably wouldn’t have been around if Mr. Flynn hadn’t detailed his steps to getting started. We owe you a thank you and love the podcast and motivational advice and blog. We reached out to him through email before when getting started and also got some useful advice. Check out his site at Smart Passive Income. His site is truly an inspiration for others.

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