Labor Day

Labor Day which is the first Monday in September celebrates those that have contributed to making work a safe and welcome place to be. It celebrates the advancement of the laws and regulations. It’s a day that’s off in the U.S. It was first proposed by unions as a day to celebrate labor. Now there is an International Worker’s Day or May Day. The idea was just that there should be a parade in public of the working class to show solidarity and strength. It was chosen due to the weather still being fair and between the major holidays. Originally Oregon was the first state in the U.S. to make it a public holiday in 1887 but then it became an official federal holiday by 1894 after at least 30 states started celebrating it. The date was also chosen since it was not as controversial a date.

Labor Day is often nicknamed the unofficial end of summer. A lot of vacations from work are taken then and school tends to start around that time. Many fall sports also start around that time and it’s considered not as fashionable to wear summer clothing which is often white summer clothes. Around this time a lot of back to school sales also start.

There are a lot of people that help contribute to the workforce that keep the country going even on days when it’s holiday and night shift that we take for granted include utility workers, those in finance, security, medical as well.

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