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One of the most important things that we try to get people to understand is the power of self reliance and that a lot of the power truths they seek are within themselves. You have the power to motivate and help yourself. You have the power to succeed. You have the power to start your own business and be an entrepreneur. If Jobs, Gates, O’Leary and Sara Blakely of Spanx, the creator or Fubu could do it so can you. Even Colonel Sanders started late in life.

Recently we noticed the Presidential proclamation of November 2018 as National Entrepreneurship Month. See:

It says that November is being commemorated this month with appropriate programs and activities to recognize the entrepreneur spirit and to celebrate November 20, 2018, as National Entrepreneurs’ Day.

The proclamation notes that entrepreneurs are the ones that “push the limits of human knowledge, invention, and capability.” And that these entrepreneurs along with innovators “had vision and drive, stopping at nothing to realize their dreams”. It makes me think of Edison who invented the light bulb and many other inventions including record players.

It makes me think of Amelia Earhart because she was hustling to show that she was had the pioneer spirit to cross the seas by herself.

It makes me think of the invention of the modern computers and how Steve Jobs had such drive and innovation. And it makes me think about the Wright Brothers and Dayton as their base for innovations for flight. We may even feature and talk about them and Alexander Graham Bell at a future point in time.

In the proclamation it talks about how there needs to be an attempt to balance laws and deregulatory efforts. After all there needs to be fair competition to encourage constant innovation. But then there has to be antitrust and antimonopoly laws. A fine example is digital currency and Microsoft and many other social media platforms are still in its fledging stages that we don’t fully recognize all ramifications of what the technology will do and how it will affect us but we have to allow some leeway to create and see how it benefits society as a whole. Currently there are a lot of barriers to entrepreneurship and startups. If they can get off the ground and last past the few years then the business is likely to survive. There is also a need to ease tax burdens and give small business owners access to capital and loans if needed. The Small Business Administration or SBA works with minorities such as Hispanics and women and can help distressed communities work on expanding their businesses. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may possibly help relieve some burdens of some businesses.

Take a moment to research and find resources at the SBA site and other small business sites and help support your local entrepreneurs.

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