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TED Conferences started as a way to put talks, lectures and conferences online for free with the motto of “ideas worth spreading” It was first thought of by Richard Wurman in 1984 and has been happening every year. The original theme was around Technology and Design but has added an Entertainment aspect and thus Technology, Entertainment, Design is the acronym. These conferences were held in Canada and some in California. Currently they talk about culture and science and also weave in stories and anecdotes.

They try to engage their audience and provide new and exciting ways to captivate their audience with these new ideas and have had many celebrity speakers including past presidents, entrepreneurs, vice presidents, evangelists, scientists, musicians, CEOs and Nobel prize winners.

Many of these TED talks have become free for viewing on their site TED.com as well as on YouTube and iTunes and follow a Creative Commons license.

Originally many of these conferences cost over a thousand dollars to be an attendee. Funding is now provided by sponsorships and foundations, attendance fees and other sales.

Ever since they started posting these online the ideas have become viral and exploded through the world. Conferences are still held but the Internet has spread the information far and wide.

There are also translators to help make the information more understandable internationally.

In addition there are TEDx events that are similar to the main TED conferences but are independently organized by anyone who gets a free license from TED. They have to adhere to certain rules and principles and they are non-profit but my charge certain fees to cover costs. The speakers are not paid and cannot copyright their materials.

Because of the success of this medium there are other similar even such as TEDx in a Box and TEDxYouth and TEDxWomen as well as other local names and variations such as TED-Ed for children. TEDMED is for health and medicine for instance.

There has been interesting publicity about them lately. We do encourage you to check them out because the lectures are often exciting, new and thought-provoking. You may learn something and it may also inspire you. Check them out. You may even come up with some ideas of your own to spread if you’re a business.

Do you have a particular TED talk you like or speak or have you heard any inspiring stories? Comment below and tell us about it?

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