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5:52 PM 12/25/2018
Today for Christmas day I stayed up till about 7am working on the site. Why did I do this? Well for one it needed to be done and who else is going to work on this site? Not my friend. Not my other friend. Not my pen-pals. Not my FB friend. In the end it’s just me. Ever hear of the story of Chicken Little or some fable? Well everyone wants to eat the spoils of war but no one wants to go to war. No one wants to do the work, but everyone wants to eat.

So I have to do the work myself and I am glad during this holiday season I was able to get a lot more time to link up the site and assemble everything together. Whereas I normally wouldn’t be able to get time to myself I am happy that I got some time to work on this a lot. I did wait a while to start on this but I am happy I am finally getting to it. I hope to get the site all looking nice before launching of course. It will still take time to do all that. I have after all spent a year planning this thing and not yet able to get it to a point that I want.

I have noticed that I do my best work at night when I have the house all quiet or when everyone is asleep and at that point I can focus on what I really want. I have redirected my energies where I was all about comics and dating and other things of that ilk and more into creating a message for others. I also have temporarily started focusing my energies less on filming and theatrical pursuits to try to get the site up.

A few things caused this shift of change. Well recently a relative of mine got his 12 month check up after a colon surgery and got a clean bill of health from the doctor for now for at least two years. So that’s good. I took some time off work to help out. Saw how it affects my other family neighbors and siblings. Then also H.W. had passed this month and I saw how the state honors him after his career and life of service and also how his family does it including G.W. and also how people act even after death. I also see that politics may still go on regardless.

Just like Charlotte’s Web life, change and death is inevitable and we all try to find a way out of our situation. Right now the stock market is tanking at least 653.17 points on Christmas Eve and the market is closed. The people that are involved in decisions in politics are shuttering down offices due to a political situation that is causing many fed workers to be without pay for at least a week. Something that may or may not have been easily avoided. People are too commercial and rely too much on protectionism from others and probably haven’t saved up for themselves. Perhaps we need to consider going back to simplicity like a metal Festivus pole and avoid all the tinsel and ornaments. We are all fed a Christmas lie and tale that everything will be all right and like Linus we never get to see the Great Pumpkin. We’re Waiting for Godot and have built our finances around a literal House of Cards, cuckolded by life. Who wouldn’t be surprised when it all falls down and banking and all those that perpetuate this cycle of inflation, consumerism, non-stop spending, working, and spending and eating that it just can’t be sustained or that it’s all just programming us to be plugged into a machine. No one is coming and no one is here to save you. So you have to make your own life and way and make your own prosperity and own good luck. All the entrepreneurs from Musk to Gates to Carey and Winfrey all started from the void and marketed and worked hard to create something. And they realized that it was all about hustling, working and taking the next step, evolving and creating to get them where they are. That’s what this site is about.

With that I encourage you who are celebrating or just going through the motions. To question, think thrice about your traditions and that which has been ingrained and ask what’s truth and separate the fiction and work hard in this new year. I think it was a quote by Ford that said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” Do something different. Shake up your foundations. Live a little. Contribute a little. Have a little fun and do something edgy this year and don’t settle for less than you are worth.

Life is short. Carpe Diem. Memento Mori.

You only have 24 hours in a day, but so does everyone else. Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life and be part of the machine; do you want to just be gum on the bottom of someone’s shoe that gets peeled off? Or do you want to be the one making the suits, making the magazines and pitching your stories?

Have a good Christmas and good holiday season folks. Get a slice of pizza while you’re at it. Pineapple even.

Peace and Silent Night all.

Editor at SWM

6:17 PM 12/25/2018

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