What I learned after owning a blog for 7 months

  • Harder than it looks
  • No one is gonna do the work for you
  • Pictures and media is way more fun
  • Working in Photoshop makes life easier
  • You can get lost for hours working on a good article or a graphic
  • Still haven’t made money
  • Is considered a hobby still
  • Your WordPress theme makes all the difference.
  • Domains will expire after 1 year but your hosting time varies.
  • People will help you take photos usually.
  • Writing is not easy.
  • You have to do a lot of writing to make a site have content but videos and pictures are easy.
  • Running a site eats up so much space with pictures.
  • I recommend at least 256GB to 512GB for backing up files.
  • My best work is done at night time or when am at work on break etc.
  • Food pics are awesome.
  • Travel pics are awesome.
  • Sometimes you have to come back to an article later but can always set something to private.
  • Be careful of plugins. They can leave permission holes that grant an accidental elevated privileges to a user role that is not intended to have that permission. Uninstall or delete or deactivate plugins that are not needed.
  • Wish there were more tweaks to my theme but will have to mess with that later.
  • 7 months in I find I wanna relax sometimes but have to work on the blog. Luckily “work” can mean taking photos and other things besides writing.
  • Sometimes I don’t know what to write about and have to look at the news, Twitter, social media and books etc to get some ideas to write about.
  • Don’t spend a lot of money to start a site.
  • You have to sleep.
  • It is a gradual process.

Author: savvywealthmedia

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