Night time safety tips – going out

Night safety tips when going out

Tonight I was watching Inside Edition and came across an episode about an alert about an abduction and thought that would be an important news article for this site and so checked with a few on the crew what they would deem to be excellent safety tips. This is tailored more for the ladies but can also be applied in general. We all have been young at some point in college and been around the night life or bawdy raucous people. While going out to imbibe or pursue the nightlife isn’t everyone’s bag and it’s really good if you don’t have to, I understand sometimes there are situations where you go out socially and have to engage in pleasantries. Here are tips to keep yourself safe when going out at night.

Tip Number 1: Be vigilant of your surrounds. When you go into an establishment or come out always check yourself before you wreck yourself. Someone maybe watching you, scoping you out, stalking you or following you.

Tip Number 2: Go out with friends or a group of people. If you go alone you don’t have a buddy system and someone to watch your six. That is watching your back in military lingo. You are more likely to be in danger and most vulnerable with no help to arrive if you go somewhere alone. Never leave a friend behind.

Tip Number 3: Cover your drinks. This applies more to females but this way no one can slip anything in your drinks. Never accept drinks from strangers. And you want to watch who’s making the drink and also cover your drink if you turn your head. Keep it close to you and never leave it unattended. If you have then assume it’s no good to drink. Also watch your food.

My friend also said that part of being a woman entails some additional precautions but this also applies to men also.

Tip Number 4: Be careful of your privacy settings on your social media sites because someone may be cyberstalking you and know when you wake, who you talk to, who’s your family and be able to find your phone number and anything else you share online.

Tip Number 5: Be careful of who you pick as your friend or to be friends that goes out with you. Even best friends can have different views on what the friendship should be like and may not have the best of intentions for you and aren’t on the same page as you.

Tip Number 6: Always tell people where you’re going such as family or friends. Or have a locator app where your family can follow or ping if something happens that way should 911 have to find you the last location of where you are is save.

Tip Number 7: If you suspect anything wrong with your body (also includes basic stuff like mammograms), get it checked out and also report an incident as soon as you can if you are involved in one or if someone is missing to increase the chance of finding that person.

Tip Number 8: Keep your hands free and hands on your keys or something you can use if you should need to prevent getting caught off guard. This way you can get to your car or temporarily distract or immobilize any potential threat. Don’t be distracted yourself with an iPod, or texting on your phone etc and not be aware of your surroundings which is back to Tip Number 1 above about being aware of surroundings.

Tip Number 9: Keep your purse around your neck so it can’t be quickly snatched or put your essentials in a very small space so it can be hidden somewhere with minimal effort. Some ladies for instance keep it right next to their bodies. Don’t carry a lot of items that you don’t need.

Article written by workingstiff & tips by coffeebeans

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