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Friday, January 25, 2019

This week we are highlighting some of the web’s more popular personal financial advice bloggers.

Today we pick Mr. Clark Howard who is the host of the Clark Howard Show. His site is . His show is a nationally syndicated (which just means it is broadcasted across a broad range of media such as newspapers and TV). His site has the motto of helping consumers to “save more, spend less and avoid rip-offs”. He also has is featured in radio shows throughout America.

According to Wikipedia he worked in the travel agency business and was also Urban Government studies and studied in Atlanta, Georgia. He has touted his service work following Hurricane Katrina, as well as, Habitat for Humanity, The Big Buddy Program, Atlanta Volunteer Action and Career Action as well as a Clark’s Christmas Kids campaign that he runs.

Mr. Howard has hosted HLN and also was a co-host of Evening Express and also appears on TV appearances in Atlanta.

Mr. Howard also has written many books to help consumers get good bargains and avoid scams. And he was also inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

His books which were coauthored with Mark Meltzer include:

Living Large in Lean Times
Clark Smart Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling
Clark Howard’s Consumer Survival Kit
Get Clark Smart
Clark’s Big Book of Bargains
and many more..

I came across information a few years ago from a customer I was serving and talking about financial and saving tips and the customer passed along some useful tips and made a mention of Mr. Howard’s money saving tips.
Check out Mr. Howard’s site above. He runs an online podcast show which gets at more than a million downloads every month. His site is a place to find information on deals and savings, cars, electronics, insurance and travel and other money saving advice, as well as, get guides for retirement. And speaking of retirement he retired at the young age of 31 and dedicated his life to help others find financial freedom as well.

You can also submit questions for him to answer and has a Consumer Action Center help line to offer free money advice. There are videos and books also. He works with a team of other experts called Team Clark, about 12 last time we checked, to help provide hot deals and financial news to help people achieve financial freedom. Mr. Clark also has a site called

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