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Wednesday, February 26, 2019

Hello my excellent readers, as one of the editors of the site am just keeping you up to date on the progress of the site. Our site has progressed very fast and I will show some statistics shortly of some of the hits from our site. In the first few days of us going live on January 1, 2019 we got a few spam comments which are to be expected. But it reminds me to touch on a few key points when doing a site like this: always keep your site security software up to date and have a good firewall and bot blocker and spam filter.

Second point is that we were formed out of the need for better financial education and the desire to accelerate retirement and living a great life. So our site doesn’t concentrate on the day to day politics and gossips as much as other sites. Our site is slower to publish certain articles also and will continue to highlight some of the more inspirational and motivating ideas, topics, and people in the world. With our site is constantly in progress. Please disregard the minor dust and construction.

Third point, we have a huge backlog of photography and pictures that we can’t wait to link to articles but they are stored offline and right now. Also trying to get a website programmer to clean up some of our site design kinks. We have a great video in tech that we are trying to link up and have worked for weeks in getting some music and graphics for it. I figure it will take a long time to edit over 160 frames of the video before the end of February and thus will likely just cut out shots of the video. Sacrifices have to be made. Love writing, just have been hit with the flu Saturday and deadlines y’know. This will keep us on schedule.

It has been really hard to find good help and I think I may have to try a different site to find a good programmer. I think I may have been looking for at least two months now. But need to buckle down and be more businesslike and outsource as needed.

Four topic to discuss. I check site statistics as often as possible but like any business there are times and budgets and times when you’re offline or having to go spend time with significant other or go out with friends for food and dinner on a Friday night. Tonight as I was feeling better enough from my migraine and flu exhaustion and possible dehydration I decided to check the site. Been busy with additional freelance work and gigs. Person has to make that money right? Well I received my first decent comment of the site in two months since being live. (Can’t set up a site and have no readers and expect to go anywhere right?) So my reader said they had been enjoying my site for four months and wanted to know if I can add some accessibility content. I wanted to first thank you for your comment and thank you for reading the site, although I’ve only been officially live for 2 months and think that the site blocking mechanism on my site must have not worked quite right while we were developing the site! But to answer your question, yes absolutely. That is the next step, to add audio and visual content to our site. Our site plans to add podcasts in the near future. Right now we’re trying to get our layout kinks adjusted and then once that’s all set we’re heading full steam. We want the site to be user-friendly for everyone and if you have any other suggestions feel free to comment. Thanks again for your feedback and kudos to you for your great tips.

Final topic for today: being sick is no fun. Growing up it had been ingrained in me to not abuse medicines even over-the-counter but I realized that it was going to make my weekend and next few days at work go a lot smoother if I had decent sleep and not feeling exhausted. So some personal insights:

  • Don’t eat too much junk food just cause it’s the weekend.
  • Just cause you can have a whole pint of chocolate mint ice cream in one sitting doesn’t mean you should.
  • Watching scary silly music videos and not moving around to digest is a bad idea.
  • Consider drinking coconut water instead of Gatorade for an alternative drink for electrolytes.
  • Keep some water by your bed stand if you get thirsty rather than run around in the middle of the night.
  • Give yourself at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep if you can. If you wake at 6am then 9 to 10:30 is a really ok time to sleep. I tend to forget this and wonder why I’m out for the count at the end of the day.
  • Sometimes a flat mattress pad on the floor is enough to realign yourself and refresh you for the next few hours. Other times it’s a pain in the back and neck.
  • Consider eating less or more wholesome foods. Thought about eating more vegan and vegetarian due to a friend eating this way and there are decent things you can get when dining this way. Even substitutes for burgers and wings. And it can be fun trying new options. I even read the military is considering vegetarian MRE’s or meals-ready-to-eat options in some types of packaging but right now it is still not as common.
  • I think maybe two soups and one salad and a garlic breadsticks at Olive Garden is more than enough for one good meal sometimes.
  • No matter how much your parents love you they will sometimes always misunderstand you but still care about you as misguided as they sometimes are. (No that homemade remedy is not going to stop this pounding headache. And yes I AM going to wear a sweater…)

Wanted to keep my SWM readers up to date and let them know this site is still live and we’re still hustling. Live the good life, be smarter, and work better. That’s it for now.

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