Microwave oven safety

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sometimes when you’re super hungry or angry and hungry aka “hangry” the microwave oven is a quick and easy way to cook up something fast. But don’t forget the risks. Make sure you follow a few safety measures to prevent fires and literally preventing your lips from burning.

1) First it seems pretty obvious but read and follow the microwave instructions as the manufacturer has tested and written specifications for proper use and its safety range.

2) Next if you’re cooking anything such as a microwave dinner from a package or even popcorn then take a minute to read and follow package cooking instructions. The food instructions help prevent splatter, overcooking and burning a gourmet TV dining meal and eating charcoal and carbon instead.

3) Don’t forget to check your cooking ware if you are cooking foods that didn’t come with a container. Make sure to always use microwave-safe containers as not all plastics safe for the microwave and you can find this information when you buy the container or sometimes on the bottom of the container.

4) Don’t overheat food or water. One of the worse smells is burnt popcorn and burnt food. And you don’t want food like oatmeal to overflow and cause a mess or water from creating too much built up heat.

5) This is a important one. Make sure you WAIT a few minutes before taking a hot object out to allow it time to cool and/ or use oven mitts. Lots of times there is steam still coming off and it hovers at the top of the microwave as you reach your hand in and basically scalds your hand plus you can’t eat it that fast anyways. Many a time has happened where I thought it was cool enough to eat something only to feel it making my teeth sensitive and hurting my stomach and throat. It’s only a few more minutes. Be patient.

6) Open containers in a direction away from your face. Steam rises and you don’t want to be melting man (or woman) and also don’t want anything popping in your face. It’s just a good precaution.

7) Make sure that the container contains NO foil or not wrapped in any such material since it is never supposed to go in a microwave. Also be careful of stray items leaking into your food like plastic and Styrofoam. It’s definitely better to again use the right kind of container.

In conclusion microwave ovens are usually safe if used correctly. The most common injuries related to microwave ovens are the result of heat-related burns from hot containers, exploding liquids and overheated foods.. According to a statistic by the National Fire Protection Association, at least six thousand or more fires happen each year due to microwave fires. Usually the main cause of fire? Microwaving popcorn and potatoes. And what causes the most fire alarms in buildings? Smoking popcorn.

Don’t forget to stay safe.

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