Don’t just sit there. Move!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

If you’ve been sitting down a lot it’s a good idea to take on some mild to moderate activity at least once a week spanning around an hour to 75 minutes is usually good at the least. You can do brisk walking, mowing the lawn, some dancing and swimming for instance. There have been studies that show that standing desks are good but not as good as we think because it’s hard on the legs and ankles for some. A MarketWatch article mentioned that people that sit over 10 hours have elevated troponin proteins that occur in the heart muscles when people are unhealthy. So the take away from this is don’t sit too long. Typically after a big heavy meal is an excellent time to get up and do something like gardening, raking, washing a vehicle. You could even go out and play some outdoor sports for exercise.

It’s smart to get up and take a break every half hour, hour or two hours at work or if you’re sitting. Take the steps instead of the elevator from time to time or park further away from the grocery store to walk a little more. Another favorite activity is to walk in the malls or inside the grocery stores to get in some extra exercise. Sometimes it may be fun to play a game like Dance Dance Revolution also to get your heart pumping. It doesn’t take a lot to keep healthy. You only have one body and should do everything you can to live a long healthy prosperous life. Don’t sacrifice your health for your job. Keep active, stay fit, and exercise.

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