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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Now that the winter is over, or starting depending on where you are, you may be hard pressed to find some good outdoor activities. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find some good cheap activities to spend time with your kids and family. Here are some ideas.

  • Have a bonfire and clear up your house and burn up a small pile of papers and leaves and twigs.
  • Have some hot cocoa or coffee and maybe some marshmallows or a weenie roast over the fire, some good ideas are soups, biscuits and gravy or corn in the husk. Share cookies. Drink some juice.
  • Tell stories by the fire while tending to it and let older kids know how to turn the ashes or coal over to keep the fire lighted. They can be nostalgic or scary or just talking
  • Sing songs and enjoy the outdoors
  • Get chairs and play some games maybe with glow in the dark rings or snappable glow-lights
  • Before it is dark and before the bonfire maybe have a ring toss or play bean bag toss whoever wins gets a prize. Could be bottles of pop or juice that they catch with their ring.
  • Watch the stars and look for constellations
  • Watch maybe a movie outside
  • Maybe have a hammock or safe area or rocking chairs. Don’t forget the citronella candles if it’s almost mosquito season. Best time is when it’s not yet too warm.
  • Watch the night and listen to the night sounds and feel the breeze. Maybe you can see a meteor or comet or see the moon or some other amazing thing! Get a telescope.
  • Put away the cellphone for a while or take a few pictures at night but keep the cellphone off most of the night or away
  • Listen to some light music and rhythms together outdoors.
  • Have a bake or dance party with friends and decorate and cater some easy foods, Jello etc. Everything should be relatively easy to clean and dispose of.
  • Fly a kite or have a little derby race or practice some outdoor activity like basketball, stilts, bowling, or play jacks or hopscotch and jump rope.

During the day

  • Go fishing
  • Find a park
  • Build something out of wood or carve and cut or saw
  • Clean and organize the yard
  • Go walking and hiking
  • Go canoeing or kayaking.

For many centuries people were able to find ways to entertain themselves before technology and cellphones and things at a great cost to themselves. Think back to what your parents and grandparents used to do to entertain and you might find some ideas. You can save yourself a lot in monthly costs if you can occasionally remember to think simply and reconnect with nature and put away the computer and cellphone.

Have fun and be healthy this spring.

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