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Sunday, April 14, 2019

The art of the written note is often lost in this digital generation and sometimes something sent through snail mail still has great potency in this day in age. Why do people love mail delivery and packages? Maybe it’s nice to see something immediate and physical when these days our inboxes are often flooded with spam versus in the long bygone days people were worried about junk mail through the postal service.

No matter how busy you are, you always have time for the people that are most important to you. And if they are not making time for you or you for them then they must not be that important in your your life. And so make sure to never discount them. I remember a story in 6th grade where a fellow student had “won” or received a book from the sixth grade teacher but a few days later failed to say “thank you” and the teacher called him out to be a lesson for everyone that no matter what you should never feel too entitled to something to not say thank you.

Sometimes you can buy cards. The most popular company was the Hallmark Card which was founded in the 1900’s. They also create party goods and stationary. And later acquired Crayola and also was involved in TV. Many of its most popular creations involve humor, sentimental, holiday and seasonal or special occasions. The Maxine cards featuring a snarky, sarcastic elderly woman is a popular one.

But you don’t have to go out and buy the premade cards, nowadays if you have an inkjet printer and stationary or special printing paper you can create a letter of thanks or a thank-you letter. These can be given to friends, an employer, or acquaintance and relatives. These letters of gratitude are well received and often also done in formal business settings. Doing these letters not only expresses thanks so that the recipient knows how much you mean to them and means that a little bit more effort was made to show this thanks, but it also creates more of an emotional significance to both parties.

Having a good writing style or format can make it more readable, but often the simplest method of expressing thanks is just a simple note using a small piece of paper or card or construction paper or some other special stationary and writing it by hand in cursive. Thanking someone is important because it helps you connect socially and show you are empathetic to someone else doing you either a favor or helping you out or getting through some event in your life. And sometimes it’s good to do it just because and doing it in a way that is commensurate with the action. You may not want to do it all the time, but it’s never too late or too small to give someone a simple verbal thanks also.

Studies have shown that people that are thankful and express gratitude feel more fulfilled and grateful. And it also produces a positive inner response that may elicit other thoughts associated with community and spiritual well-being.

Have you thanked someone today? Try it.

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