Monday, April 15, 2019

There are many different batteries out there in the world. But nothing is quite as prevalent as the AA or AAA batteries you typically see. Most of these are alkalines. Sure you might see some C and D batteries but the most commonly used ones are the A series.

You might see older batteries made of Nickel Cadmium that had a “memory” problem where if you didn’t fully charge or discharge the battery you would lessen the live of the battery.

Newer rechargeable batteries include Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH. Some of these also come precharged and are hybrid batteries.

Even newer ones are Lithiums. These you have to be extra careful and when mailing these you have to have special stickers as these have been know to explore in airplane luggage storage.

There are many great chargers. One favorite is the Maha charger. These have independent circuits to charge and top off each individual battery. There is also some okay reviews for the LaCrosse battery charger such as La Crosse’s BC700-CBP.

The Sony Cycle Energy ones are pretty good. Then there are also Eneloops which are top rated. There are Imedions by PowerEx, a well known battery maker. GP Recyko brands and Mahas are also exclusively into NiMH technologies.

Most charges have smart charging technology to prevent overcharging as it can cause leaks and batteries to burst.

There was a Renewal brand that was advertised by Michael Jordan for a while that was okay and let you do many charges but these have been subtly replaced with newer technologies. I remember owning the big C and D chargers and also a small wall charger.

Nowadays for phone batteries they used lithium and they seal them off so you can’t even access it and they tout waterproof capabilities. So what would you rather have? The right to repair and replace or sealed waterproof batteries that you can’t take out even if there’s a risk your phone hangs?

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