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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hey folks. It’s me again answering our weekly mail (can’t quite call it fan mail yet cause most of it is just miscellaneous). It has been a long week. I finished a long week at my 9 to 5 and had a lot of overtime in the last couple of days last week and took a much needed break from work this Easter/ Passover weekend. If you celebrate then hope you had a great weekend. And if you don’t celebrate then hope you still had an excellent weekend full of sun and fun at least wherever you live at.

It is my eventual goal to take this site further and reach a wider audience and touch and inspire more people and also give people another way to think about the world they live in. I wish when I was growing up that there was more of the Internet and educational materials that I now have access to so I wouldn’t spend so much time looking and doing the wrong things. Although there’s nothing that doesn’t teach you a lesson, there are things that can be better use of time.

Some of the things I wish I would have told my younger self:

  • Spend less time in the library gathering items and downloading stuff. Your health is more important. Go spend some time outdoors and making connections and learning interpersonal and business skills.
  • Time is important and you have to balance time crouched in front of a workstation versus just buying the software you want and going on with your life.
  • I spent a lot of time getting free open source products and O.S. distributions and tweaking things but software is always continuously being updated and changing and what you have now will go obsolete in a few years often. Better to concentrate on functionality than tweaking.
  • Had I worked on creating things and making my own products and goods I probably could have graduated or been closer to a comp sci degree or at least been making my own YouTube and animation channel.
  • Consider being a content creator. There is a whole world of digital artists and media niche out there and there is obvious need in the space. If you look at Netflix and Amazon and Hulu and Howcast there are so many people making reviews and videos and films out there. There’s a massive industrial need out there.
  • Learn to declutter your life early. You will thank yourself and be more organized and have less confusion about what’s important in your life.
  • Go out and exercise more. When you exercise remember to:
    • Take your time. There is no rush. You have your whole life to get healthy.
    • Use good quality form over quantity.
    • Never get injured. If you get injured, you can’t exercise and lose days out of your workout.
    • Be consistent and regular with your exercise.
    • The only person you’re competing against is yourself so stay healthy and concentrate on overall health.
    • Figure a way to get some minor exercise every day in and don’t get complacent or bored.
    • Make it fun and something that you want to do.
    • Eat normal food and be aware of dangerous supplements and what it does to your digestive system and heart.
  • Also some general advice for business startups:
    • Stick to good core values for your business
    • Pick people that are amazing leaders
    • Find the smartest people
    • Understand that people are the best assets in a company.

And with that, here’s what’s been going through my mind. Been having some neck issues again. Bad posture. Amazingly enough when I’m out walking and enjoying sun and not in front of the computer I have little to no problems. Must be sitting the wrong way that’s causing problems. Been catching up on some songs and media to relax lately. Songs by Red Vox and Yeah Yeah Yeahs for instance.

Oh and this will be a separate post. Found out that some sites will have a “lock” on a file when you update too many files too fast and it forgets to remove it and you have to manually remove it sometimes.

Alright time to answer some mail.

First I got some direct email. Here we go. Got some mail on 4/21/2019. This person left an ad for crypto services. Obviously an advertiser. May look into it later.

Also got another direct email asking if we accept sponsored articles or link placements in existing articles. This is actually quite intriguing and I will have to do a follow up. I am not saying no, just not quite yet as some work is still being worked on our front and back end. We will likely have a person reach out to contact this person later. Thanks for the interest. We want to obviously have good affiliate relationships in the future, but it doesn’t do us any good if our site doesn’t offer good content first which is what we’re working diligently on lately.

Okay and now to site comments.

04/15/2019 This person says we’re creating good content and it will make our site generally well-known later. Now if you are just starting a blog or website, a big mistake people do is creating content that is only about yourself and about things you want to write about and not about what people want to hear. So it’s a good idea to do market research and people that are outside your family or circle of friends to get independent critical feedback. At one of our meetings we heard this great piece of advice: Family and friends tell you what you want to hear, but coaches and mentors tell you what you NEED to hear. Don’t have a think tank of people who agree with you and push up your ego. You need someone that can give you occasional feedback and pushback to thumb you back to reality and off your high horse. It really is for your own good. And the business world rewards what works in the real world.

4/19/2019 Hello, my friend. This reader said they were excited to find our site even by accident. They had found us via search engine which means our SEO is starting to work slowly but surely. They appreciated our design and bookmarked us. We appreciate your reader’s interest. It take time to come up with good information and we’re not necessarily in the business of coming out with the latest information fast, but when we do we try to make it relevant to real people’s lives as much as possible. And believe me, we have a lot of content we want to bring out. Thanks for the views.

04/20/2019 And our last comment for the week. We didn’t have a lot of mail in our mailbag comments this week which is good because it means more time to concentrate on article creation. When you run a site one of the most time intensive things you can do is push out and create content and if you have more people it helps your site blossom faster. Never forget all the people. Get your ship out of the harbor and start creating. Anyways. Thank you for checking our site and glad you the reader found it relevant and what you were searching for.

In the next few weeks, we’ll adjusting our layout more and hoping to push out more travel articles and such. Keep checking back and as always, stay educated and stay health and stay positive and fresh. If it’s broke either fix it or fix your attitude. More info to come.


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