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Wednesday April 3, 2019

Now that the summer is on its way in a full on no-holds bar way it’s time to get your summer and vacation plans ready if you haven’t already then you’re way behind. As Jim Rohn used to say in his lectures, certain things are inevitable such as the seasons and planting in the spring so you can harvest in the autumn and failing to do so is rather foolish. So here are some tips that I picked up from various places and condensed them for your viewing pleasure.

  • Plan your vacation at least 7 to 8 months ahead.
  • Research lodging, airfare, car rental prices.
  • Compare it for different seasons.
  • Plan interests for sightseeing, locations, prices of attractions & museums.
  • Know what kind of clothing to pack.
  • Research food options.

Often Wednesdays and Tuesdays are good times to book airfares online after 11pm if traveling foreign airlines. Most people tend to want to travel during the weekends.

  • Ask for local currency costs and not U.S. dollars and use Google to convert to save money.
  • Pick only a few things to do instead of a lot.
    Concentrate on the most important attractions and places.
    Spend time outside instead of indoors or in bed.

If you’re new to travel, don’t try to do lot of things in a short period of time. Plan to concentrate on the most important places and attractions you want to visit or experience. Don’t waste much time in bed (unless the trip was intended to relax, like a cruise). Generally, the most visited attractions have fewer people early in the morning.

Also, always remember to take your medications with you when traveling outside the country, as it may become very difficult to find them there. Be sure to take into consideration the time zones and flight duration to prepare yourself for extra rest time when arriving or before departing.

Try to travel out of the country at least once a year. There is so much history, so many museums, architecture and dining .

If you’re short of ideas for vacations you could try these:
Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Greece

Some other nice places include local states. For example if you like mountains or cabins and such you might try Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Perhaps you might enjoy tropics or going to Europe or Australia. Find a place, set a budget, and a goal to reach to give yourself a good vacation. In some cases you might be able to earn your way in air miles, credit card rewards and hotel points also to get some decent discounts if you go down that route.

Vacations don’t have to be very expensive, just a fun time to relax and get away from technology and your routine and break up the monotony. Tai Lopez, motivational speaker was famous of saying that if you have to take a vacation from your work then you should leave and never go back. But even people that love their job occasionally need to power down the equipment, recharge, reset, revitalize and renew their outlook. Sometimes relearn a few things that inspired them or that they had interest in before they started their work so they are empowered again as to why they are working. Denzel Washington is famous for saying in his own way that you can’t take all the money with you when you leave this earth, so he makes sure to emphasize family and friendships. And this is very true. You can work very hard for money, and replace money any time. But you can’t replace a person and family. Be sure to spend time with them and enjoy time together while you can.

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