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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

One of the things to note when you are first starting off a website is the costs involved in setting up a site. This week I’ve been trying to get things ready for a upcoming important time on the calendar and been spending quite a bit on things. When you start a site you have to consider:

  • The cost of the Internet (cable)
  • The cost of the domain to register the name of the site
  • Hosting fees
  • Additional add-ons such as domain privacy which is a good thing so your personal information is not all out there on the internet
  • Costs to renew after promotional period runs out

And then in the future I may have to start getting addresses and other accounts. But these are the costs that you need to consider when setting up a business. They say you should keep a log and record of all these things and it’s not easy to do this all yourself. It’s a lot of work. Then on top of that you have to consider what you’re wanting to do to monetize or earn back enough to cover the costs you sink in. Are you going to sell digital media, books, pictures? Are you going to give seminars or have an exclusive members link? These are things to brainstorm before starting.

This week I’ve been checking out addresses, and also trying to get some things for friends sorted out. Work has been hectic and there is loads of stuff piling up, so you have to take it a few hours at a time. And I’m trying to balance that, thinking of vacation, and working on the site. You also have to think periodically of backups for the site, do site research and contact tech support, and also read up on current news to keep up on technology. Stocks and everything has been doing pretty well and I’m always looking forward to pay day for my first main stream of income before sinking into my second or third streams. Got to pay yourself first though is what the experts say. That is Robert Kiyosaki and the other finance gurus.

And then on top of that you have to budget if you have time to do simple things like laundry or just buy another pair of clothes so you can avoid another load of laundry for a few days. Got some new foods that I’ve tried but the weather change and my lack of regular sleep schedule has been making me extra tired by the time I’m back home from my normal day work.

The good thing is the site is almost where I wanted it, and still ironing things out with the programmer. And then it’s another thing to concentrate on content creation because there are so many distractions on a daily basis. Like running and grabbing gas, depositing checks, and remembering important meetings etc.


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I'm just your average working employee working 8 to 5 making my daily wages. I commute to work, I run the rat race and I live for my days for my next pay check. I have goals. I have dreams. And I have things I wanna do. And sometimes just can't seem to get ahead no matter how many hours I work. Sometimes I just keep my head low and do what the boss says and other times I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Comments always welcome.

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