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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Today, I was doing a bit of research and reading and reading about Tesla, how rich people deal with money and decided to look up Steve Jobs.

My next to-read list is Steve Jobs: An Autobiography by Walter Isaacson.

Apparently Steve Jobs had worked his way up as an entrepreneur with his friend Steve Wozniak at the helm creating products and Steve was the one with the foresight and marketing genius. It describes how Steve was passionate about making great products even at Pixar and it wasn’t just about making quick simple profits but about perfectionism.

Been stacking up for a rainy day and keeping a daily stock ticker log for keeping track of the Dow and S&P500 while the trade war has been going on and also been keeping track of the movement of metals, crypto and other commodities and assets to see if there is Beta and other uncorrelated assets to invest in at this time when the market is turbulent. Right now the best way seems to be creating a business.

There are some social media apps right now where you can get monetization for posting. Am looking into that.

Am also looking into finalizing one of the site upgrades and also updating business info.

Lot of people commenting, have not been on the reader mailbag for a while. Stuff is getting filtered.

News includes WhatsApp and other news but have to temper what we post so that we’re not adding to the daily news noise.


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