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Eating healthy
Sunday, June 2, 2019

Wow, another month has come and gone. Summer is basically coming in full steam ahead. Lately I’ve been trying to go out and enjoy the weather more. We’ve been trying to work on this site steadily but have pulled back to allow time for some summer recreation and outdoor time. Our site photographers and media specialists have been traveling around trying to capture some great nature and travel photos for our site in the local area and we’re excited about being able to upload it and bring it to you soon. We have to offload it onto our data steams and recrop and upload soon. It will be quite an endeaver trying to catalog and label these and it takes up quite a bit of time to transfer the photos and also quite a few Terabytes of space for these high resolution photos. Most of these are done in landscape mode for our site.

This week we were able to go to a local museum and park and that will be a fun thing to showcase and feature. That is to come soon.

We have cut back on some of the restaurant reviews that we have on here to go back to the core of what our site is about: Millennial education and financial intelligence. But we include other interesting articles as well.

Also one of the staff members had some car troubles recently. It involved the wipe arm not rotating any more and having been knocked loose somehow. We didn’t realize how hard it was to get service on this. Most places are closed on Sunday. We were finally able to tighten up the screw on the wiper arm, get a new wiper blade and also get it all fixed on the weekend even though most shops were closed. We had to make manual adjustments to the wiper arm itself which is a metal bracket but enough so that it is now working. Most service shops are not open. There’s also a difference between sales and service hours.

I am gonna vow or try to eat healthier.

-Trying to eliminate creamy soups from my diet.

  • Eat less stuff like fries, fried foods, and fried battered foods like chicken and fish if possible.
  • Try to not use Tabasco sauce or hot sauce on anything in the future.
  • Not touch jalapenos.
  • Use less sodium.

Living in the TriState region if you’re a restaurant owner hopefully someone will come out with this niche:

  • We need more vegan friendly options.
  • We need foods that are gluten-free friendly
  • We need foods that won’t cause allergies such as with nuts and spices and weird colors or preservatives because a lot of people are food sensitive with milk and lactose
  • We need staff to be trained in food safety to prevent cross contamination between products so they aren’t just sprinkling food across into another tray when prepping it.
  • We need food that isn’t junk food that’s simply fried and cheaply made.
  • We need food that actually tastes good but inexpensive.
  • Build us a good vegan friendly buffet or inexpensive restaurant with foods like tofu, seitan, roasted peppers, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and artichoke hearts.
  • Don’t make salt and oils and cheese the main parts of dishes and soups. Some people are adverse to creams.
  • Make sure the temperatures of the foods are kept at optimal temperatures and that it is a welcome place to come in and lounge and eat and socialize but not be too raucous.
  • Make the restaurants healthy, smoke free, and also some juice or smoothie options for some places also.
  • Don’t automatically coat food with sauces and creams and cheese but offer the option to get items on the side.
  • Have to be careful of cheap inexpensive filler food.

Our site is also finalizing a few details and not yet at the level where we’re taking advertisers and still building out content.


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