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Site Reader Feedback 06092019 Update: fixed mp3 audio, audio repeated at wrong point

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Site Reader Feedback Audio for 06092019

Okay, I’m going over my weekly reader feedback and reading some of the reader’s comments that have been sent to us on our site and also give my spin on what they’ve commented on our site. So let’s see what they’ve sent to us this week.

I have a reader that commented that they love what we are up to and they think our work is clever and has given good exposure to a variety of topics. You wrote “keep up the great works guys. I’ve added you to my personal blogroll”. So that’s great. I think that’s good that you all, you guys are looking at our site and interested in our content. Thanks.

On April 23 we have a reader that sent us a comment saying that they’ve emailed this blog post to all their new friends and associates so they can read it too and check out the links. That’s great. It’s great that you guys are giving us more exposure and that we have other people that probably will also find our site quite useful and find our financial information and educational tools to their benefit. I hope that you guys are getting good value out of our of site.

On April 23 we have a comment that mentioned that it’s the best time to make some plans for the future and it’s a good time to be happy in the present. And you’ve read some of articles and you want to suggest a few things or advice. “Please write new articles about this type of information in the future. I want to read more things about it.” I’m glad your are interested in some of these particular blog posts and we are definitely trying to put more content about things that you guys are interested in as they come.

April 24. This commenter said that the that we have outstanding post content and they want to know if we can write more about this particular subject. Thank you for looking on our site. They also brought up a good question about comments and moderation. The reason our site is the way it is, is to continue our vision of what our site should look like and many things are still to come and underway. We get most feedback even if you don’t read or see it in comments. Most of our comments are moderated, filtered and subject to approval. It keeps our site relevant and on topic so that we have a clean streamlined site that everyone can come online and feel welcome to use.

There’s another comment on April 25 where a reader said the “they hope to understand this topic; it’s hard to argue with you”. And “you put a new spin on a subject that’s been around for a couple years. Wonderful stuff. Just great.” So that’s good. I’m glad you guys also found that interesting.

April 25. Got another reader and they said they like this site. All the posts seem to be exactly what you guys are looking for. They asked “Do you offer guest writers to write content in your site?” The thing about our site is that we don’t yet have a means to add new writers yet because we want to tailor our own content. Because rather than trying to promote somebody else’s site, flood it with ads and content, we want to provide our own news information. We have a particular vision that we are trying to achieve. So we are not yet taking or adding guest writers which could possibly stray away from our vision. So that’s why have not yet taken on many guest writers. But thanks for the comments. We may add guest writers in the near future. “Awesome web blog”. Thanks for the comment!

Let’s see on April 27. “I see that you have valuable information you provide for your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and take a look right here regularly. I am being informed about many new subjects right here. Best of luck.” So thanks for that and best of luck to you as well.

April 28 we got somebody that’s interested in our site and another comment as well as the 30th. Some site feedback. Thanks.

May 1st we had a comment about our good blogging and they like our articles.

May 1st. We have somebody that’s been on our site for quite some time surfing. They liked our attention grabbing articles. That’s good. They made a comment that they wish more bloggers made excellent content like us.

May 3rd there’s somebody who’s been on the site before. They like the great information.

There’s a May the 5th comment. Can’t quite read or make out that comment. Thanks for the interest.

May the 7th. They found our site engaging and highly educational so that’s good. I’m glad that you’re finding this educational.

Looks like a comment on May the 9th. Thanks.

A comment on May 10. Thanks for stopping by.

They found our site invaluable on May 10th. Somebody wrote that they found our site to be quite informative. We do have experts on particular subjects. So on May the 14th they wrote we had some knowledgeable people writing about topics. Yeah we try to employ people and get people in to make sure our our site is usable and has really great content.

May 16. This one seems like not related to our site so that one I’m not sure what that’s about. But thanks for the question or comment.

May 29. You read our site. And said you’re happy to see that on our site that we could provide that kind of content for you. Glad we could do that.

June 4. Thanks for the interest.

June 6. This says everyone is getting more from the site. We are getting great viewers so I’m glad that you like that.

And then there is June 7. That one talks about being entertaining and providing entertainment. Thank you for sharing your thinking. So looks like there’s some people with increasing interest in our site so that’s good.

We will try to keep bringing awesome and amazing useful content to your site. We want to hear from you. If you get a chance make sure you try to put some information in your comments so that we know that you’re actually checking our site out and then tell us why you visit our site and obviously be relevant to the site. Help us promote, inspire new people and educate them on finance, education and motivate them in the business world. If you have any other comments, comment in the comment sections below. Talk to you later.


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