Hurting Teeth 06162019

Hurting teeth

Saturday, June 15th 2019

Yesterday I took a day off from work because I wanted some time to myself.
  I went to the bank.  I also went to the post office.    I decided to check my investments.
So a lot of the cryptocurrencies have been going up this weekend. And it is good because  many of those are going up.  For example one of the more popular cryptocurrencies went up close to  almost $1,000.  This is really exciting and this has happened for the last 7 days where it has gone up consistently. The price action is in the nine thousand range for one of the biggest coins. There is a lot of fast moving news in this area for the last seven days. The last few days C. Wright is going through litigation and it has been interesting to see what has been going on with that. Then the massive pump over the weekend. Also two exchanges are removing or delisting many coins and one in particular is disallowing U.S. based customers which chokes off a lot of investment flow from that area of the world. And finally there is a social media coin that’s coming out that is pulling in major credit card and payment vendors to try to get wide adoption. This will be very interesting to see.
 As said earlier – On the flip side of the news, one of  the  more popular exchanges  is planning to eventually take themselves offline away from United States customers  around September, which does not sound like necessarily the best choice but they have to  comply with some of the regulations in that country. Hopefully that does not detract from the great investment potential of a lot of these cryptocurrencies.
This weekend I got one of my orders which I had ordered on Friday it was called a 3D floating rotary shaver by Aesfee. I know it’s a no-name brand. I had been wanting one of these rotary shavers for quite some time and I had been looking in several stores for some of the different brands such as Braun and Norelco and Remington.  I find that the  straight shavers are actually pretty good for trimming beards and mustaches I also wanted to see what it felt like to have a rotary shaver. I have a safety razor that I have been using  lately that’s quite good.  You just need to make sure you have a little bit of oil and shaving cream.  The great thing about these type of razors is that the  shaving hair does not get stuck inside the device.  You can rinse these really well underneath a faucet and pull out the razor as well simply by  twisting in reverse the bottom of the shaver.  Then you can clean it with a tissue and  reassemble it and put it back in its case.  I like this type of shaver very well.  So this type of rotary shaver came in an  nice blue box that is about 4 in by 7  inches. And unfortunately I just shaved the other day so I can’t quite use it yet or test it out, but I hope to try it out pretty soon. Since I want this so bad even though it arrived just right before Father’s Day I am going to keep this and use it myself most likely.  The shaver came around 3  p.m.  today and so I was rather fast for them to come. And they came by regular USPS.
I also have been experiencing some swollen gums and pain lately because of just my bad dietary habits. I had been eating a lot of jams and orange juice and also lately probably some sweet teas and soda and so I believe that stuff has been getting stuck in my molars or the back teeth and I had not been the cleaning or brushing very well. It is a very good idea every day to make sure that you do flossing. I had this Waterpik that I used to use all the time to spray a jet of water into the back of my mouth and clean my molars.  But I did not clean out the Waterpik very well so it started to get kind of nasty and also some reddish orange mildew. And so lately somebody  recommended to me to go ahead and get baking soda and some vinegar and some other hot water and things to clean out the device so I’m going to try to start using it again. Now today I did have swollen redness underneath my right wrist as well. And I don’t think it was caused by the Waterpik issues I think. I think it was caused by me just over eating rice and some kimchi. And I also had some of the corn chips and tortillas in  salsa that I bought this weekend.  2 hours before dinner I did I take a nap for a little bit of time. In in that prior to hours  I also had a salad which had some kale and I had some radishes and some applesauce and also some  Vermont cheddar cheese. This evening for dinner I had some white rice and also some Chinese food which it consisted of egg rose and a little bit of peppered beef some chicken and noodles also. Earlier didn’t the day I had some Colombian Folgers coffee. I had a little bit of beef. But ultimately it comes down to just making sure to clean the back teeth. I read in a NCBI article the Sonicares are a bit better at reducing inflammation and even though I have and Oral B 5000, I read that having a secondary toothbrush to use at night time would be good. The original article information is here.

I also spent some time researching articles and found a Twitter video parody account devoted to Boston Dynamics and both being humorous, reverent, and also pensive. You can see in the CorridorDigital video on the web now and see more interesting videos there. Just look it up on your favorite search engine.

There is also some interesting technology coming from Microsoft called Sketch2Code that allows you to draw what you want your page to look like and then turn that to HTML.

And then finally there was an interesting article on Futurism about how MIT is now using lasers to be able to transmit sound over a distance with pinpoint accuracy to a single person.

5G technology is coming no doubt, and 10th generation CPU’s are on the horizon.

Lastly in the search for healthy vegan alternatives I found a substance called “aquafaba” that is the foamy after effects of boiling chick peas aka garbanzo beans. This is also possible with lentils. People can use it to make a meringue type concoction or make brownies. Basically it replaces egg whites for people that are baking and trying to go vegan. Lot of interesting in the news.

The area of Dayton, Ohio got hit with a massive tornado storm a few weeks back and Cleveland had a small earthquake recently. The local southern Ohio region also has been having severe thunderstorms this weekend.

Due to so many things happening this weekend, was simpler and faster to do a quick blog entry to address it all.


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