Weather is heating up

Thurday, June 27, 2019

Weather: There has been a lot of storms and constant rain in the Midwest followed by dry heat in the past week. Accordingly mosquito season is in full swing. If you are seeing any standing water make sure to drain it or dry it out to prevent mosquitoes from forming in stagnation water. Mosquitoes are one of the peskier bugs out there and a breeding vector for many diseases. Most people are aware of malaria and other diseases caused by them. Although they are food for certain birds and reptiles etc, they wreak havoc on humans and feasting and engorging themselves on blood. One thing that is recommended is citronella candles, bug sprays, special clothing. But helping to prevent the population and growth problem is also part of the solution. So getting products such as Mosquito Dunks are quite useful and a good thing to consider. Dunks are round shaped pest control agents that prevent mosquito larvae from forming into adults by filling them with toxic bacteria that only affects them and not any other wildlife. They have been used safely for about 50 years and treat 100 square feet of water and last roughly 30 days. Although DEET has pretty much been banned in many places there are still many ways to control these pests including bug zappers.

There’s also another product called Mosquito Bits by the same company the makes Mosquito Dunks that has smaller broken up chunks of the same product.

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