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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Ross Perot news
Ross Perot who was a self made billionaire and early investor of Steve Job’s company NeXT when he had been ousted from Apple had contributed 20 million to the fledgling company as an angel investor. Ross Perot had worked for IBM before leaving to start his own company Electronic Data Systems which General Motors obtained controlling interest in. Later he started a company called Perot Systems that was later acquired by Dell. He had said he believed in Steve Job’s company and wanted to grab the opportunity to invest early in a company such as this, having missed out on Microsoft when he had the chance. While Perot was notable in this area he also was known for his Vietnam efforts and running as an independent presidential candidate in the 1992 and 1996 elections. It was interesting to note the many contributions to the tech world and military as he had served in the Navy. He died today at 89 in Dallas, Texas.

Biohacking news
As we transition into a digital world full of NFC, Bluetooth, wireless, and WiFi. People are starting to implement tags, RFID and other devices to open doors to their houses and cars and activate certain things in their phones. According to some recent news on NPR some employees and companies are beginning to see people integrate circuits and chips into their bodies. This might seem like a natural progression some in that camp would say for humans to augment their body in different ways. At first it will all start either for medical reasons or similar for work perhaps. If it’s for medical also we need to be careful of data leakage as Apple Watches are now storing a lot of health data on their watches and monitoring heart rates and other medical information. Some companies and big names like Buffet, Jamie Dimon and Amazon had talked about getting into the health industry and more people and social media may get into the mix. But what will happen if proof of concept hacking mechanisms occur. Right now certain cars can be hacked to possible not stop when commanded etc. What would happen if brain augmentation or you put a pacemaker in your heart and it gets hacked or some medicine for diabetes etc. These are science, tech and medical questions that need to be asked as we transition to a more high tech medical and electronic world.

Random Tip of the day: When signing up for an account online consider the security and safety of 2FA. You want to balance and consider the safety of using an email or phone to get text codes versus other 2FA methods. Not everything is unhackable or has the same level of security.

Site Future Preview: We will be doing a few additional tips on safety and security in the near future and recognizing hazardous scenarios when browsing online.


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